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ATTENTION! Studyworx is being shut down permanently on June 30th 2018

Its Over

Do to various security and various other issues Studyworx will be shut down permanently very soon.

Please take this opportunity to print your work to pdf if you have not already done so.

(Don't worry I don't think it will be quite as bad as it looks in the picture)

Check out http://sbscharter.com/ if you would like to continue charting using online tools. This set of charting tools looks very promising.

Thank you it has been a pleasure serving you all these years!

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NEW FEATURE!! One Click Printable Blank Charts!

Check it out. There is a new link on the assignment home page for printing blank charts.

You will find the link just below the link for the charting task. For further instructions click here.

NEW FEATURE!! Now you can print paragraph titles on either A4 or Letter sized paper in 2 columns! You can even use it to print blank forms with nothing but the verse reference in them for hand charters!

Check it out!!! Click here for more detailed instructions

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I will be working on other refinements over the summer so that when the bulk of the schools begin again in fall the program will be running better than ever.

If you have any known bugs or ideas for improving Studyworx please contact me.
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Only work in one window or tab at a time

Failure to respect this rule can cause permanent unrecoverable data loss.

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