Creating and editing assignments

One of the primary jobs involved with setting up a school in Studyworx is creating and editing
Before you can begin to create assignments however there are certain things that must be in
place first.

  • You must have a school selected as your default school
  • You must be an Admin Assistant or higher to edit assignments
  • You must have at least 1 “core team” for your school.
  • Every student must belong to a core team but no one can belong to more than one core team.

Assignment basics

Every assignment has certain basic components.

  • Each assignment is made of up tasks, every assignment should include at least one task.
  • Each assignment needs a due-date in order to function properly.
  • Each assignment should have at least basic instructions
  • Assignments can be made up of offline tasks like tests or projects. The assignment is necessary for grading purposes even when the work itself is not done in studyworx.
  • Tasks
    • Each task has a title
    • Each task has a type
      • Text editor type tasks
      • Charting type tasks
      • Discussion type tasks
      • Off-line tasks
    • Templates
      • Text editor tasks can use templates in order to create a starting point for each text document.
      • Other task types do not use templates so this can be left blank for other types of tasks.
    • Percent
      • This is a grading feature it lets the checker and potentially the student know how much value this task has relative to the other tasks in the assignment.
    • Instructions
      • Each task can have its own instructions. This can not be blank.
  • Modules
    • A module is simply a way of breaking up a large group of assignments into smaller more manageable groups. A module may represent a semester or any other grouping you find helpful
  • Cloning
    • Once you have an assignment and its tasks complete you can then use that assignment as a template for “cloning”. By clicking on the “clone” link it will create a copy of that assignment and allow you to just alter the things that are different about the new assignment. This feature can save you a tremendous amount of time.
    • Your entire school can be cloned as well when you ask for a new public school. This copies most of your work from the previous school and allows you to focus just on the things that are different about the new school.
  • Due Dates
    • Once you have completed your work on the assignment itself you can go to the due- date page and assign a due-date to each assignment. Due-dates are assigned by core team and by module.

Once you have completed the above steps your assignments should show up on the list for your
students in the order of their due-dates.


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