How to Grade in Studyworx

Grading is one of the most powerful features in Studyworx. I will begin these instructions with
a brief list of the grading features in Studyworx and an overview of the normal workflow. I will
be describing this process from the staff perspective first.

  • Collecting Assignments
    • In this step the staff will choose the students and assignments that they are going to be grading.
    • As a staff person you can choose all your students and assignments here.
    • ONLY these students will appear on your pending grading list however.
      • Those that have marked their assignments as complete
      • Those that have marked their assignments as viewable
      • Those assignments that are past their due-date
  • The “Grading Office”
    • This page is the main page for your grading activities. From this page you can grade all collected assignments and you can view the past grades of any student in the school.
    • Beginning to grade
      • Click on the name of the assignment that you wish to grade. This will open the grading toolbar which lists all the tasks in this assignment.The “scratch pad” is a gray text area just below the list of tasks in the grading toolbar. This text pad will follow all through the grading process and is designed to be your main note taking devise for grading the assignment.
      • To grade a task click on the task name. It will open the task in grading view. Make any notes for yourself in the “scratch pad”. If you wish to leave a note that is visible to the student click on the title of the task and yellow “sticky note” will appear in your grading toolbar. MAKE SURE you click “save” after any update or you will lose your work. The autosave features do not work on the scratch pad or the sticky notes.
    • Grading a Charting task
      • When you click on a charting task in the grading toolbar you will see a yellow list appear with a list of chart numbers in it.
      • Click on one of these charts and begin grading, there may be a bit of lag when you click the first chart as the program is rendering the charts. Do not click over and over again.
      • You can attach stick notes by clicking the title of any portion of the chart. (Paragraph titles or the segment title at the top of the outside section of the chart)
    • Completing the grading process
      • When you have finished grading all of the work you are ready to assign a grade and make your final notes to the student and to the other staff.
        • Click the “finish grading” link just above the “scratch pad”. This will take you to the page where you will complete your comments and assign a grade.
        • Use a numeric grade ONLY in the field labeled “grade”
        • Below this you will see to larger text boxes. One of them is pink, this is the staff comment field, whatever you write in here will be only viewable to other staff.
        • The large white text area is the “cover sheet” or main grading comments for the student. This is both printable and viewable to the students. DO NOT CONFUSE THESE TWO TEXT AREAS – it can be very embarrassing.
        • Use the notes from your “scratch pad” to fill out your comments. This will in your grading toolbar as always.
    • Returning the students work
      • When you have finished grading make sure you click the return link on the “Grading Office” page. Until you do this the student will not have full access to their work.
      • When you click return, the assignment will be removed from your pending grading list.
    • From the Students perspective
      • From the students perspective their grades will be located just above the list of assignments on the home page of the school. Clicking the small link located their will take them to their grades.
      • By clicking on the assignment name their they will be taken to a summary page that collects all their sticky notes. By clicking on each sticky note they will open the the work that was commented on in the sidebar. They can also view their cover sheet comments from there and of course see their grade.
      • A student can grant access to their staff at any time by clicking on “turn in” link on the assignment homepage. Then checking the “make viewable” link and clicking update.



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