Working with Teams

Using Teams in Studyworx

Built in to the core of Studyworx is the idea of teams. Some teams like "core teams" are mandatory if you wish to run a public school. Private teams however can be set up by anyone and greatly increases the usefulness of the messaging system built into Studyworx.

To begin working on teams click the teams button icon on your toolbar.

When you click this icon you will be taken to a page that will show two categories of teams.

  1. Teams I own
  2. Teams I belong to

If a team is a "Core Team" you will also see immediately behind each team listed the words [core team] in red.

Core Team Administration

  • Every school needs at least one core team

  • Every person must belong to one core team, but only one core team

  • Due dates for assignments are given out according to the core team.

For example:

A school could have two core teams each with a different due time for each assignment. If you are working on an individual basis with students, you could even create a core team for each individual and give every person a different due time if you so desired.

You must be designated as School Leader or Admin Assistant to manage core teams.

Private Teams

Anyone can create a private team.

Private teams can be used as a mailing list or almost like a friends list on Facebook or Google+.

Posting to a team will send out a message to the whole team and will also send each member of the team an email notification that a message has been sent.

By clicking on the name of anyone in one of your teams you will pop up their profile page making teams much like a circle on Google+ or a friends list on Facebook.

Private teams are very helpful for small group management and just general communication within a school.


If you have an issues or questions feel free to contact me here


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