Creating Discussion Assignments

Discussion tasks allow students to learn from each other via online topical discussions.

There are many ways to use this tool, but in this lesson we are going to go over the basics of creating a discussion task. Beyond that, you are only limited by your imagination.

A discussion task is created in the same way that all tasks are created. Remember, at least one task is required for every assignment. There are however a couple of things that are unique to discussion tasks.

  1. From your module assignments list select the assignment to which you would like to add a discussion and click on the tasks link.
  2. Click on the link to create a new task.
  3. Give the task a name.
    • In a discussion task, the name you give the task will be the heading of the discussion page so think through what this discussion page will look like as you choose a name.
  4. In the instructions field give detailed instructions for the discussion.
    • These instructions will appear at the top of the discussion page just below the task name so think through them carefully.
    • It may be worth the effort to format these instructions a bit to make them stand out.
  5. Give the discussion is relative value to the assignment by giving it a weight in the percent field.
  6. Templates are not used for discussion tasks.
  7. Finally choose discussion from the drop down menu under task type.

One last thing depending on the type of discussion you wish to have, you may wish to "seed" the discussion with topics to get the discussion started. This is done by going into the discussion as you would if you were a student, and creating one or more topic posts for students to comment on.

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