Create and print a set of chart blanks

Creating Blank charts for printing

To begin you use the same process that you would usually use for creating horizontal and vertical charts.The difference begins after you have finished editing all of your titles and adding all of your structure breaks.

Instead of clicking on the "eyeball" icon and downloading images which then have to be pasted into a document for printing. You can instead print all of your chart blanks with your paragraph and segment titles included with just one click.

If you are using shared computers you may want to consider checking your paragraph titles and rough horizontals on paper first, so that when the students use the shared computer it can go as fast as possible. Depending on your situation you may find this process smoother in the long run.

Next steps

After finishing with your editing go to the assignment home page (the page where all the assignment tasks are listed).

Near the bottom of the list of tasks you will see and new task titled "Print Blank Charts"

Click on the small grey link to the right of that called simply "Print"

This will open up a print view that will have all of your charts on it in a printer friendly format.

Don't worry if it looks a bit odd, it will look right when you click print to send it to your printer. Each chart will be on its own separate piece of paper and the vertical charts will all be centered instead of off to the side.

Take them from the printer and get busy charting!


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