Creating a New Public School

First Steps

  1. This first step is to create a user account and log in.
  2. Next log in and click the "Home" button.
  3. Under the heading "My Schools" you should see a [private] school based on your email address, click on the link beside the name of that private school that says, "set as default school".

Ready to Begin

There are three ways that you can create a new public school in Studyworx.

  1. Click the link immediately belong the navigation block on your home page called "ordering a new public school".
  2. Go to the Home Page of your private school. Click on the link called "Administration Home" from there choose "ordering a new public school".
  3. From the profile menu that drops down when you click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen select Schools Admin. Then click the link for ordering a new public school.

Click on the link called "order a new Public School".

You are now ready to begin the process of creating a school.

  1. Fill out the form completely as directed.
  2. Choose if this is going to be a blank new school or if it is going to be a clone of another of your schools. Cloning can save a tremendous amount of work because it will copy over task templates and scoresheets, assignments and tasks so you do not have to create each one individually from scratch.
    • Tip
      • If you have no school to clone, experiment with your private school first and then use it as a template for creating your public schools.
  3. You will be contacted by the Studyworx Administrator to discuss your school and it's cost.

  1. Once you have been contacted by the Studyworx Administrator a new school will be created for you.
    • At this point you do not want to click the "School is active" checkbox.
  2. Now that the new school has been created, there are several more steps before you can open it up for students and staff to register.
    1. Create some assignments
      1. Create tasks for each assignment.
      2. Assign due-times for each assignment.
    2. icon Create at least one Core Team from your toolbar.
      • Your students need to belong to a core team before any assignments will show up.
    3. If you are going to offer Inductive Bible Study Charting you will also need to create a list of Observations.
    4. Create any Templates you feel you will need for your assignment-tasks.
    5. Create any score sheets you will need (these are templates for your grading cover-sheets)
  3. Now you are ready to change your school status to "active" from the school editing page.
  4. Students and staff can now register for your school.
    • Make sure that you add your students to a core team as well as accepting them into the school.
    • Make sure that you un-check the "School is active" checkbox when all of your students have enrolled.


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